Alumna paves her own way in the tech world

June 25, 2021

Kayla Birmingham in front of the Quinnipiac University wall on the Mt. Caramel campus

Kayla Birmingham ‘21, is proving what it means to passionately pursue a dream job.

Birmingham is helping develop and grow, a tech startup based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

“I truly feel like I am working my dream job at 22 years old, and the crazy part is that this is only the beginning,” she said. 

Birmingham found the position through an Instagram story that the CEO, Jordan Greenfield, posted. He was looking for someone to help organize his busy life, and she knew that it was something that she would be good at. “Kayla reached out to me and said ‘this is how I can help you’ and ‘this is why you need me on your team’ instead of asking how I can be helpful to her,” Greenfield said. “She has undoubtedly proven and serves as a life lesson that exudes both maturity and immense value.” Greenfield requested her availability and experience, they had a handful of brief phone calls, and decided to fly her out to Las Vegas to meet the rest of the team. 

“The opportunity at hand was mutually risky, but alas an opportunity that could and would open the door to so much more” she said.

Birmingham equates her preparedness for the nature of this ever-changing job to her unique and status-quo-challenging experience at Quinnipiac. 

Before graduating with her MBA, she secured a 9-5 job, but knew that it was not what she was set out to do. 

“Quinnipiac reminded me to remain true to my core,” she said.

Birmingham has remained steady in her ability to know what her dreams are and how to attain them. “Kayla’s relentless pursuit to achieve and build great things is inspiring to everyone around her, even for someone with as big of aspirations as myself,” Greenfield said.

She attributes her success to her inherent drive and passion, coupled with her realistic approach to life. “Having the poise to scale a team from 7 to 20 in a 60 day period without batting an eye speaks to Kayla’s ability and continues to impress me and serve all company initiatives,” Greenfield said. He continues to applaud her capability to keep up with the constant change and build of a startup company. The chance to be successful is what keeps her going, and wants to remind others in life that “all that matters is that the success you’re chasing fuels you and your soul and yields growth and happiness”. 

Her biggest piece of advice for current students is to take their education into their own hands, and to remember that each person knows their worth and capabilities better than anyone else.

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