Quinnipiac's flexible online curriculum propels Bobcat to success

June 22, 2024

Jamilynn Miller smiles while wearing commencement cap and gown

From earning her bachelor's in business administration to pursuing her MBA, ambitious Bobcat Jamilynn Miller ‘24, MBA ‘26, has made Quinnipiac her academic home, thanks to the university’s exceptional, flexible online curriculum.

Miller’s Quinnipiac online journey began in 2022 during the pandemic, as she pursued her goal of earning a bachelor's degree while working full-time as a healthcare administrative assistant with an EMS department.

“During COVID, I was working 60 to 70 hours a week and going to school, but I was able to do it because of Quinnipiac’s online programs are very flexible for working people. The professors understand that sometimes your schedules aren’t flexible enough,” said Miller. “There were times when I was working a double shift and as long as I communicated with my professors, they were very understanding.”

Taking two classes per session, Miller became a high honors student. Her success with Quinnipiac’s online experience and the quality of coursework offered fueled her ambition to continue her education.

“When I took strategic management and project management courses, it made me realize I wanted to pursue my MBA,” said Miller. “I spoke with my professors and found out that Quinnipiac has an online professional MBA that’s geared toward people that have a lot of work experience. I applied and I was so excited when I was accepted.”

As the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree, Miller was thrilled to receive her invitation from the School of Business to don her cap and gown and join the Quinnipiac Class of 2024 at graduation on the Mount Carmel Campus on May 10.

“It was a big day for my family and me,” said Miller. “I was just amazed to think, ‘Wow, I did all this.’ I was just determined. I studied and I did my work.”

This summer, Miller begins her professional MBA journey online with Quinnipiac.

“With my MBA, my goal is to be in healthcare administration or higher management, so that I can be more hands-on and use what I’m learning at Quinnipiac to help make positive change in healthcare,” Miller said.

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