American Sign Language finds its voice on campus

May 09, 2022

Students in the American Sign Language Club

Communication is key to all aspects of life, which has driven a dedicated group of students to create an inclusive space for students to learn that not all communication is necessarily verbal.

The American Sign Language (ASL) club at Quinnipiac strives to educate Quinnipiac students on deaf culture, its importance and teaching signs to facilitate open conversation throughout the community.

“Getting educated on sign language and deaf culture is important in order to be able to communicate with more members of the community,” said Hannah Jack ’24, public relations chair of the club and soon to be vice president this coming Fall. “Being able to converse with someone in ASL or even just to sign some basic greetings and being knowledgeable about deaf culture will make the community a more inclusive place.”

The impact of educating yourself in this area makes all the difference, especially when we are unaware of the fact that people struggle to do tasks that come easily to us, explained Jack.

“You never understand what it is like to live in a world without sound until you meet someone who lives that life,” she said. “If you could learn even the slightest bit of ASL to make their lives easier to live, it not only makes the world of a difference for that individual, but it makes the world a better place overall.”

Members of the club meet every Monday night throughout the academic year to learn signs in a fun environment with their peers. The club also hosts events such as movie nights and paint nights, both of which will be happening in the Fall 2022 semester.

Interested students can get involved in the club by coming to an ASL meeting, joining the club’s email list by emailing or following their Instagram, @qu_aslclub, for updates.

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