International ELMPA student hopes to serve LGBTQ+, other underserved communities

July 10, 2022

Khushi Dagli

Khushi Dagli ’24, MA ’26 found her academic home at Quinnipiac.

Hailing from Ahmedabad, India, Dagli is on track to become the first international student to graduate from the BS in Health Science Studies / MHS in Physician Assistant (4+27 months), also known as the Entry Level Masters Physician Assistant [ELMPA] Program.

“I always wanted to be in healthcare but wasn’t sure what kind of a role I wanted to take in patient care. I wanted equal parts of patient care and medical science and [the physician’s assistant role] is the perfect choice. I don’t think I could’ve done anything else,” said Dagli.

Dagli’s first year was remote due to the COVID pandemic; she participated in her courses despite a ten-hour time difference. Though she was nervous to come to campus mid-program, she said she found a welcoming and exciting atmosphere upon arriving at Quinnipiac.

Dagli’s academic highlights include two sections of organic chemistry with Professor of Chemistry Andri Smith; EMT class with Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Diadactic Education of Physician Assistant Studies Lisa Barratt; and working with her adviser, Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies and ELMPA Director Laurie Seeger.

“Khushi’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is kind, hardworking and well-rounded. She embodies all the qualities of a future healthcare worker. We are lucky to have her in the ELMPA Program,” said Seeger.

Dagli identifies her work during clinical rotations in the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center emergency room and surgical unit as particularly engrossing. The rotations were initially postponed due to the pandemic, and she attended full 8-hour shifts to complete the program’s mandate. This allowed her to organically experience the entire cycle of a PA’s shift, she said.

“Ideally, I’d love to work in a fast-paced healthcare setting, providing care to underserved populations and communities; LGBTQ+ care; and public health involving reproductive health and rights,” she said.

Aside from her studies, Dagli is most proud of her work with Students for Environmental Action.

“Our entire executive board team was so devoted toward the cause and raising
awareness. We worked with so many students and faculty members on campus on various sustainability initiatives,” she said. “We also pulled off a very engaging Earth Week with so many collaborative events.”

Looking forward, Dagli believes the encouragement and lessons she’s experienced from professors and alumni will carry her throughout her career and more.

“My takeaway is that I should take initiatives when I wish to see a change. To pursue opportunities when I’m intrigued without the fear of failure,” she said. “If I’m interested, an application won’t hurt. I may get it, or I may not, but at least I took the initiative to try.”

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