Leading change with a business analytics degree

May 14, 2020

Rebeca Caruso  with her daughter at Quinnipiac University graduation ceremony

Rebecca Caruso, MS ‘19, applied what she learned in the classroom to her human resource technology team and was given increased responsibilities. Caruso’s background in information technology combined with her master’s degree gave her solid ground for career growth. Her valuable insights into implementing analytics across departments earned her a promotion.

Since graduating from the MS in Business Analytics program, Caruso uses advanced data analytics including data process improvements to provide specific business insights into planning and decision-making. Her promotion has positioned her to lead the collaboration between the analytics team and the human resource department.

One of Caruso’s biggest responsibilities is to get everyone in an analytics mindset to move these improvements forward. She is very proud of her new role and excited to see what her future holds.

While going to graduate school, Caruso had to make some adjustments to her schedule. She appreciated the flexibility of the program and the course plan which allowed her to take two classes per semester, one at a time. This allowed her to balance her education with her professional and personal responsibilities.

Earning her master’s degree in business analytics took her just over two years to complete, and in that time, Caruso got married and had a baby. She was busy to say the least. With a supportive husband and employer, Caruso is very proud to say that she finished her program on schedule.

Caruso looks forward to the next step in her career, and is certain that the MS in Business Analytics program gave her the right mix of technical and business courses to move her career forward.

Q & A

What was your online experience like at Quinnipiac?

I had a great experience. I was familiar with online classes prior to enrolling in this program and knew they worked well for me. The professors at QU did a great job keeping students engaged and were always available for assistance when needed.

Is there one experience that stands out to you?

One experience that sticks out was attending the online student reception the night before graduation. It was great to meet most of my professors in person and meet some classmates who I had shared virtual classes with over the years.

What did you do to specifically manage your schedule between working full time, getting married and having a baby?

Having a supportive husband and workplace was critical in my success. My workplace is very supportive of continuous learning and allowed me to flex my schedule as needed to support my classes as well as provide 1.5 hours per week paid time for my studies. My husband would take baby duty whenever I needed so I could focus on my schoolwork.

The two class sessions per traditional semester was very helpful in planning my classes around my life. My advisor helped me schedule classes to be able to take half a semester off when I had my daughter. Because of his assistance, I graduated on time.

"I found the Business Analytics program at Quinnipiac had a blend of what I wanted," said Caruso.

What was the group project experience like?

Group projects were a large part of the online business analytics program and added a new challenge because there are people all over the world who have different schedules. The experience provided real world skills that can be applied working in an increasingly virtual and remote work life. We had to figure out ways to include everyone’s schedules and different time zones, as well as finding the best collaboration software for shared documents and meetings.

How has your MS in Business Analytics degree changed the course of your career?

Shortly after graduation I was offered the opportunity to step into a new position within my department which came with a promotion. I have been given more responsibility and have been brought into many high-profile improvement target goals for 2020.

More recently, my parent company, UTC, recently went through a merger with Raytheon, and I have been nominated to be on a team that will help shape vision and goals for the Advanced Analytics group within the newly formed Raytheon Technologies HR Workforce Intelligence Department.

My MS in Business Analytics degree from Quinnipiac gives me an added confidence boost to push for larger opportunities that get my voice heard and respected!

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about earning their master’s degree at Quinnipiac?

Whether you are thinking of an online or traditional in-person degree, QU is a great choice. As a 100% online student, they made me feel included in on-campus events, and the opportunity is always available to go on campus if the need arises.

The professors take the time to listen to their students, and I felt like I was able to reach out at any time and was provided with an answer or advice that I needed to move forward with my assignment.

Would you like to add anything else?

Every stressful moment and feeling of doubt were worth it to be able to be a QU alumna and be part of the university community overall.


This program challenged Caruso to strive for excellence and move her team and career forward. Explore how Quinnipiac's online MS in Business Analytics can give you the right mix of business skills and analytics to make significant contributions to your company.

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