Students living in The Grove residence hall will build foundation to give back to the local community

I am thrilled to step into my upcoming role as faculty fellow in residence at The Grove, our new residence hall on the Mount Carmel Campus where magic is about to happen! Together with our students, staff, and faculty I will work on "big ideas" providing a foundation to give back and problem-solve issues with local communities and beyond.

Tan Gürpinar
Tan Gürpinar, faculty fellow and assistant professor of business analytics and information systems

As an assistant professor of business analytics and information systems, researching and teaching the impact of blockchain and other emerging technologies on organizations, the environment, and society, this opportunity aligns seamlessly with my passion for interdisciplinary projects, community engagement, and sustainability.

Originating from Germany, my journey into academia has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences. While I was still studying, actively involved in playing soccer, and trying to become a drummer, I began living on the campus of Technical University Dortmund, with stays at the residence halls of the Research and Innovation Center at BMW in Munich and Udayana University in Denpasar, Indonesia. After graduation and working as a consultant in Luxembourg, I continued my PhD research and held positions in project management and lecturing also while living on campus. During this time, I organized and participated in various meetups and events alongside students, academics, and young professionals. These experiences deepened my appreciation for interdisciplinary and international collaboration and the transformative power such collaboration holds. Today, I continue to draw upon these experiences to drive meaningful change and foster innovation in academia and beyond.

The Grove’s lounges, outdoor courtyard, and purposeful design emphasize opportunities that enrich the living-learning experience and foster a strong sense of community. Moreover, the focus on advancing career readiness and emotional well-being aligns with my personal experience in balancing professional and academic careers with personal life. I already actively share this experience with mentees registered on a mentorship platform developed by an association I support and advise since its foundation and look forward to connecting with enthusiastic Grove residents who are passionate about making a difference.

In my role as faculty in residence, I am eager to support students as they embark on big idea projects that will leave a lasting impact on society. These projects are designed not only to enhance students’ academic and professional growth but also to evoke a sense of purpose and responsibility in contributing positively to the world around us. Through mentorship, inclusion, and co-creation, I look forward to empowering students to recognize their strengths, address weaknesses, leverage their full potential, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

I am excited to become a part of the Grove and look forward to receiving messages from you, our residential life followers. Whether you have an idea with “big” potential that should be addressed by us, want to learn more about the projects, my role, or simply want to express your excitement, I am eager to hear from you.

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