Marketing major attracted to strong sense of community

March 31, 2017

A professor speaks with 4 students inside the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

For marketing major Matt Corso ‘19, a sense of place is defined by the people he shares it with. He learned everything he needed to about Quinnipiac students, professors and the greater community when, as a senior in high school, he was invited by a good friend to stay on the Mount Carmel Campus overnight.

“I knew I wanted to attend Quinnipiac because the people are so genuine,” he said. “The people, the activities, the professors and the atmosphere are what make Quinnipiac so special for me.”

The welcoming atmosphere combined with Quinnipiac’s size gave Corso the support he needed to get out and explore all of the opportunities available to expand his interests, skills and his professional network.

So far, he hasn’t wasted a minute of his time. Corso is currently the director of finance and new member development for the Entrepreneurship Club and the business manager for Q30 Television. He is also the former sophomore class representative for the Student Government Association, and former radio host at 98.1 FM WQAQ.

“It is so important to immerse yourself in everything you can to really figure out what it is that you want to do,” Corso said.

Following his first year at Quinnipiac, Corso earned an internship at Makovsky, one of the top public relations and communications firms in New York City.

“I was the youngest intern working in the financial services department at the time,” Corso explained. “It was an incredible experience.”

While he gained valuable career insights in his time at Makovsky, Corso’s most meaningful experience came following an entrepreneurship class he took during his sophomore year. A week before winter break, his professor approached him with an offer to intern for his company. For Corso, it was a no-brainer.

“I am currently putting in about 30 hours a week at a wonderful company with a very diverse group of people, and have another internship lined up for the summer,” he said.

He is confident that based on his networking skills and the contacts he has made that he will land a job straight out of college.

“This opportunity has given me the ability to grow far beyond where I thought I would be,” he said.

When considering his life post-Quinnipiac, Corso hasn’t ruled out the possibility of working in a New York-based finance or marketing firm, but sees being his own boss as particularly attractive option at present. He is already in the process of developing two of his own businesses with close friends.

“Both my parents are entrepreneurs and I am an entrepreneur myself already,” he said. “I definitely see owning a couple of businesses and making a few products on my horizon.”

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