Occupational therapy student builds on skills, helps small business through interprofessional experience

September 13, 2022

Kelsey Fallon standing under an overhead sign for ReRead Books and More store

Students can build their skillsets at Quinnipiac in a variety of ways – something occupational therapy graduate student Kelsey Fallon ’22, MOT ’23, experienced this summer.

As a way to supplement her Level II Fieldwork experience, Fallon worked with ReRead Books & More in Cheshire, Connecticut to build and strengthen community relations and involvement.

The store, run by the nonprofit The Connecticut Community Empowerment Foundation, Inc., provides a space where young adults with special needs gain meaningful job experience.

“My collaboration with ReRead has taught me advocacy, which plays a huge role in occupational therapy – whether it be advocating for a client, a population or raising awareness to the community,” said Fallon. “I learned the ins and outs of a nonprofit business, which is such a valuable skill to have when entering the workforce as I may potentially end up partnering or collaborating with nonprofits in my career.”

Fallon has been working directly with the chair of the board for the nonprofit, applying for grants and creating marketing material, as well as finalizing the integrated employment manual that breaks down various tasks that employees do.

“I’ve gained excellent interprofessional collaboration skills throughout my time at Quinnipiac, which is useful since I’m now working with individuals in other disciplines,” said Fallon. “I’ve also had many opportunities to strengthen my writing, research and clinical reasoning skills which have been an essential part of my work at ReRead.”

Fallon credits her leadership skills and confidence to her time spent at Quinnipiac. She encourages others to take risks and jump at any opportunity that sounds interesting.

“If a job, academic or extracurricular experience sounds even slightly interesting, explore it because you never know where it may take you,” said Fallon. “If you have a special interest, reach out to your professors – I wouldn't have had this opportunity if my professor hadn’t introduced it to me.”

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