Alumni help runners at NYC Marathon finish line

November 06, 2017

Students pose in front of a New York City Marathon sign on scene at the marathon

Two members of #BobcatNation helped several thousand New York City Marathon runners get back on their feet after completing the 26.2 mile trek through the five burroughs.

Mallory Robalino ’16, an emergency room nurse at Huntington Hospital, and Seth Pachman ’16, DPT ’20, who is completing his doctorate in physical therapy at Quinnipiac, worked on the medical team at the marathon’s finish line.

“I was able to give back and help some of them get back on their feet,” said Robalino, who plans to volunteer at the Boston Marathon next year. “Quinnipiac prepare me in countless ways from the rigorous nursing program to the top class clinical affiliations which gave me the confidence to work in a busy ER knowing I've been prepared with the tools to succeed in high-stress situations like the NYC Marathon finish line medical tent just 2 years after graduation.”

The medical team in their tent treated 1,200 runners — focusing primarily on hypothermia due to the rain, dehydration, low sodium levels, bleeding, dizziness, cramping, and muscle strains, and venous pooling which occurs when runners stop running and all the blood pools in their feet.

School of Health Sciences

School of Nursing

“Quinnipiac gave me not just the psychomotor skills to work in a chaotic environment, but provided me with the confidence, professionalism and critical thinking tools to succeed,” Pachman, who also helped runners in this year’s Boston Marathon, said. “This is a testament not just to the athletic training department, but to the culture at Quinnipiac as a whole. Volunteerism and the basic concept of helping others is woven in the fabric of Quinnipiac, and thus has shaped the person and professional that I am today.”

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