High school summer programs builds foundation for success

April 03, 2024

Photo of Olivia Landino participating in Quinnipiac's summer program for high school students

Quinnipiac’s high school summer programs offers high school students unique opportunity for success and an advantage when they attend college.

By enrolling in Quinnipiac's summer programs, students have the opportunity to discover their passions in a variety of fields including science, technology, gaming, interactive design, cybersecurity, healthcare, communication, photography, film and social media.

In addition to exploring these fields, students build a portfolio, earn valuable certifications, connect personally with the Bobcat community, develop a variety of specialized skills and experience life as a college student.

For many high school students like Madison Tornberg ’27, the Quinnipiac summer programs play a pivotal role in helping students discover their passions and interests — and build a foundation for success.

Tornberg enrolled in a summer program in 2022 where she was introduced to her passion for psychology and criminal justice, a pathway she had never considered.

“While I was initially inspired to become a doctor to save lives and help people, the summer program helped me realize that the medical field wasn’t the right fit for me,” said Tornberg. “The program showed me that there are many ways to make a positive impact, leading me to pursue psychology and criminal justice as avenues to achieve my goals of helping others and making a positive contribution to society.”

Tornberg emphasized her appreciation for the program as it provided an invaluable opportunity for her to explore various fields, learn fundamental skills and gain hands-on experience.

“The program not only provided me with valuable knowledge and skills but also solidified my academic and career aspirations,” she said. “The program’s focus on QPR training for suicide prevention resonated with my desire to understand human behavior and stood out to me as it deepened my understanding of mental health and equipped with with valuable skills to save lives. This experience not only broadened my perspective but also inspired me to pursue further education and advocacy in this field.”

Now as a Quinnipiac undergraduate student, Tornberg said the program changed her life for the better — and set her on the road of becoming a Bobcat.

“The summer program had a profound impact on my college decision-making process,” said Tornberg. “The program’s professors left a lasting impression on me and their passion for teaching and commitment to student success inspired me and solidified my desire to attend Quinnipiac. These factors combined made it clear to me that Quinnipiac was the perfect place for me.”

Not only do students catch a glimpse of academic life, but they have the opportunity to experience life as a Bobcat living on campus and meeting new friends.

Olivia Landino ’27 said she met one of her closest friends at Quinnipiac.

“My favorite memory of the summer camp was meeting my friend, Dahlia, who also goes to Quinnipiac,” said Landino. “Now at Quinnipiac together, we can reflect on our memories from camp.”

Landino’s experience at Quinnipiac helped her visualize what her life would be both academically and socially before attending college.

“Before the camp, I already had an idea that I wanted to be a nursing major, but the summer program really helped me get an idea of what nursing at Quinnipiac would specifically look like,” she said. “Living on campus prepared me for my undergraduate experience personally and the classwork prepared me for my undergraduate experience academically.”

This summer, Quinnipiac is offering over 10 different programs for high school students throughout the month of July.

Click here to learn more about Quinnipiac’s summer programs for high school students.

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