Students rally to prevent friend’s mom from falling

May 26, 2017

Nate Noncent '17 used the skills he developed at Quinnipiac to ensure his mother's safety

Nate Noncent ’17, who recently earned his bachelor’s in health science studies, feared his mother would become injured as a result of wobbly walkers following several surgeries last year.

“My mom was in and out of surgery for my entire junior year,” he recalled. “During that time, I would see how she was using that walker and how unstable it was and how unsafe it is.”

Fearful his mom would get injured, he worked with engineering and entrepreneurship students in our entrepreneurship lab to develop a better walker — complete with obstacle detection and automatic breaking.

“Having people from different majors, we’re all pieces to one big puzzle,” he said.

“Nate is a true entrepreneur. He’s humble, driven and measured in his demeanor,” said Norman Gray, Carlton Highsmith Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “All of these traits will help him to become successful in anything he choses to do.”

Noncent hopes to pursue a career in physical therapy as he begins his next chapter.

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