University encourages students to maintain tradition of contributing tons of food to area charities

May 08, 2023

The community participates in a food drive

For the past few years, the Office of Community Engagement has partnered with Residential Life to operate a campus-wide food drive during finals week.

‘Be Kind, Leave Your Food Behind’ was created by the Director of the Office of Community Engagement Vincent Contrucci. His idea was to encourage students moving out at the end of the year to donate the non-perishable food items they have left in their residence hall.

In a tradition going back years, students have the opportunity to donate the items in the labeled blue bins by nearly every exit in all of the residence halls on both the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses.

The donated food is donated to five non-profit organizations in the area; the New Haven Pride Center, New Reach, Master’s Manna, Columbus House and the Hamden Food Bank.

Last year, Quinnipiac students donated 4.6 tons of food.

Students living off-campus can bring donations to SC-202N on the Mount Carmel Campus.

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