Faculty Biography

Suzanne Nathanson headshot

Suzanne H. Nathanson

Assistant Professor of Legal Skills 

AB, Harvard University; JD, Case Western Reserve University

Areas of expertise

  • Legal Skills



Suzanne Nathanson is an Assistant Professor of Legal Skills. She teaches students the tools of legal analysis, legal research, legal writing, and oral advocacy. She believes that clear and effective writing is essential to the successful practice of law, and her goal is to encourage each student to become an active self-editor.

Prior to joining Quinnipiac University School of Law, she worked as a practicing lawyer in Ohio, New York, and Connecticut. She has been teaching Legal Skills since 1998. Her research is focused on legal issues appropriate for first-year writing assignments. Legal issues springing from difficulties in statutory interpretation are of special interest to her, and students shouldn’t be surprised to find that their research assignments sometimes involve the intersection of two or more subjects taught in first-year doctrinal courses.

Nathanson enjoys classical music, particularly the repertoire for the cello, which she played in high school and college.