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At Quinnipiac, you’ll do more than earn a degree. You'll become a part of our vibrant community where students rally around common interests, passions and causes.

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Residential Life and Housing

We’ve designed our residence halls and campus amenities to be welcoming and supportive spaces where you'll thrive. Learn more about the housing process, residence hall options, move in, and resources like shuttles, dining, and fitness and recreation opportunities.

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Dining Experience

Dining halls on each of our campuses offer tastes of both the global and the familiar, with ingredients that are fresh, sustainable and often sourced locally. You want options? We have several unique culinary stations offering traditional and eclectic dishes.

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Campuses and Facilities

We challenge the traditional ideas of “campus life.” Wide-open spaces, meandering pathways, skylights, lofted ceilings and intimate courtyards enhance the sense of community.

From residence halls modeled after European ski villages to brownstone-style buildings with full kitchens and patios, we purposefully designed our living spaces with personal comfort, connecting with friends and student safety in mind.

Our outdoor spaces are more than just green grass. They are places where you'll gather with friends for cookouts, play a pick-up game of basketball or simply study with the beauty of New England as your backdrop.

Mount Carmel Campus
York Hill Campus
North Haven Campus


All of the knowledge you seek — from core class references to specialized periodicals — can be found within the walls of our three modern libraries. Contemporary design, digital collections and comfortable spots to sit and study make our libraries ideal places to catch up on course work or just read for relaxation.

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Diversity and Inclusion

College is about more than your studies. It’s about meeting new people with diverse experiences and perspectives. You’ll be part of a community that celebrates unique backgrounds, beliefs and identities.

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Spiritual and Religious Life

At Quinnipiac, people of all religions are welcomed, accepted and encouraged to fully observe their faiths. We have several organizations that offer worship services, counseling and celebratory activities that enable members to live spiritually fulfilling lives.

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Athletics and Recreation

Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, hiking Sleeping Giant and skating in our hockey arena are just some of the ways you can stay active throughout the year. Work out in one of the fitness centers located on our 3 campuses, each fully equipped with free weights, weight-lifting and cardio machines. Run on our suspended indoor track, take a group fitness class like Spinning or Zumba, or practice yoga or Pilates with our certified instructors. You can even earn credits while enjoying canoeing and indoor rock climbing.

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