Club men’s roller hockey goaltender competing in international event

November 15, 2023

Andrew Miller goaltends in Quinnipiac roller hockey gear.

Andrew Miller '26, joined the club men’s roller hockey team during his first days as a Bobcat and has dedicated time to succeeding athletically, leading him to now compete in a team in São Paulo, Brazil this week.

From a young age, Miller grew up loving hockey. The sport was a staple in his home and as he resided in Arizona, inline skating was far more popular due to the lack of ice rinks. His brother, Ryan, and cousins, Alex and Kendall, sparked his passion for playing and encouraged him to become a goaltender. Now, 15 years later, he can confidently acknowledge the impact of this sport on his life.

“Roller hockey has taught me many important lessons about how mistakes can ultimately affect you in the end, as well as patience and communication,” said Miller. “It is something where the wisdom cannot just be taught on the bench but throughout the game. I hope to carry these lessons throughout not only my college career but my professional one as well.”

The National College Roller Hockey Association created an All-American team to compete in international tournaments, this year in Brazil’s largest city from November 15-19. Miller submitted an application process consisting of statistics from his previous hockey seasons and was accepted into the all-tournament first team for his division. He believes that his performance in a national tournament held in California last year made a good impression which supported his application. During the competition, Miller and the team will face national and national-caliber teams from Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

“The guys on my team are some of the best that I've ever played with, I wouldn't be able to compete at this high of a level without them pushing me harder each practice and always helping me get better,” said Miller. “I feel very optimistic about the upcoming tournament. The group that is going with me has an amazing level of talent and we are hoping to do well, not just for our respective universities, but for the country and the league all around.”

While balancing his athletic life with academics can be challenging, Miller has learned to manage the balance while also ensuring he focuses on his own well-being. There have been many times when he finishes homework in the locker room or during weekend tournaments, but he always tries his best, Miller said.

“If I could give any word of advice to someone who is looking to join any club sport or specifically roller hockey, it would be to just go for it,” said Miller. “You'll have some of the most fun in your life with your teammates and it is a wonderful way to stay active, compete at a competitive level and have fun."

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