Dance team shines brightly as it makes history on the national stage

January 17, 2024

A group photo of Quinnipiac Dance Team in uniform posing at the ESPN World Wide of Sports in Florida.

The Quinnipiac Dance Team roared their way through the UDA College National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, Florida this past weekend – and they made history along the way.

The team earned a fourth-place finish in the Pom category — a program record — despite it only being its second year competing in this category.

Competing in the Division I division, Quinnipiac placed seventh in the DI Gameday category and 11th in Jazz.

The biggest feat for the team was placing 4th in the nation in the Pom category – the best the program has done thus far – despite it only being their second year competing in this category.

President and co-captain of the dance team Julia Targove described her experience with the team as life-changing.

“Attending nationals has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and my time at Quinnipiac,” she said. “I am positive that I will remember this year's nationals journey for the rest of my life. Creating unforgettable memories, forming lifelong friendships, making history and being able to represent Quinnipiac has been incredible. I’m so proud of everything that we have accomplished, not only this weekend, but throughout my four years on the team.”

Head Coach Kelley Zaleta, who choreographed both the Pom and Gameday routines, expressed that she is incredibly proud of the accomplishments of this team.

“Our accomplishments are the culmination of the unwavering dedication and effort by the 22 dancers on this season's team. They are true athletes who put not only commitment into our program but add to Quinnipiac spirit as a whole on campus and at games. Continuing to rise to the top of the leaderboard in dance draws more talent and more interest into growing our spirit team here at the school,” Zaleta said. “As their coach, I am beyond proud of their achievements — not only this past weekend but also from the beginning of the program only five short years ago. Quinnipiac Dance Team is one of the fastest growing D-I competitive programs in the country and I am honored to lead the team to the top.”

Assistant Director of Recreation and Adviser to the Dance Team Kaylee Laing said she was incredibly impressed with the hard work that the team put into their competition.

"Working with the Dance Team this year has been extremely rewarding. From the first meeting with the team leaders, I knew that they had a goal in mind and were going to find a way to execute,” Laing said. “What I didn't know is how challenging the competition would be but watching them take the mat and represent Quinnipiac I was sure they would come out on top. Congrats to this hardworking team on getting their best score yet — I cannot wait to see what is coming.”

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