Swish to success: Quinnipiac alumnus slam dunks into athletics career

February 29, 2024

Aaron Robinson smiles for a headshot wearing a suit and a yellow tie.

Aaron Robinson ’19, along with his identical twin brother Andrew Robinson ‘19, fell in love with Quinnipiac’s men’s basketball program as soon as they stepped foot on campus.

After playing for the entirety of his college years, Robinson stepped into athletic leadership at his home base as the director of player development.

Attending Quinnipiac was a no-brainer for the alumnus, as he was eager to join the division one men’s basketball team alongside his brother. As a journalism student, the opportunity to study down the road from ESPN headquarters sealed the deal.

“I have always loved waking up in the morning and turning on my television to watch ESPN to get all of my sports news,” said Robinson. “It quickly developed into something that I one day wanted to do, so I jumped at the opportunity to go to a school with such a great journalism program that was going to put me in a position to potentially achieve that dream.”

Joining the men’s basketball team was life-changing for the Bobcat and gave him friendships that he will cherish forever, he said. He was able to learn life skills that have supported him professionally and personally throughout his adulthood. Robinson scored the game-winning shot during his third-year season in 2018, sending the team to the MAAC Semi-Finals. He cherishes his time on the team.

Aside from his athletic and educational endeavors, attending school with his sibling completely transformed his Quinnipiac experience.

“Attending school with my twin brother was truly the biggest gift that I could have received,” said Robinson. “To be able to share memories with someone who I had done life with every day up through that point was just so special. We got to carry each other through the high moments, as well as some very low ones, like the death of our mother during our sophomore year. For moments like that, I will be forever grateful.”

Upon graduation, Robinson reflected on the relationships he developed with Men’s Basketball Head Coach Tom Pecora, Associate Head Coach Shaun Morris and Assistant Athletic Trainer Sara MacDonough-Civitello. Working hand-in-hand with these individuals was everything that he could have asked for and more, the alumnus said.

“My experience here as a student was the sole reason that I wanted to come back in my role now as director of player development,” said Robinson.

Last summer, he returned to his roots to work full-time as the director of player development for the men’s basketball team. He hasn’t strayed far away from his second home and doesn’t intend to any time soon.

“Quinnipiac is truly a special place and one thing that I have always had is a tremendous amount of pride to be a Bobcat,” said Robinson. “This place is home and it always will be no matter where life takes me down the line!”

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