Bobcat leaves her mark on and off the ice

April 23, 2024

Alexa Hoskin skating on the ice at M&T Bank Arena

Alexa Hoskin '24 showcased her multifaceted talents, leaving her mark as a Division I ice hockey player, a dedicated student employee and an academic standout.

Throughout her time at Quinnipiac, Hoskin not only balanced her academics as a journalism major and a student employee but gave it her all playing on the women’s ice hockey team.

Hoskin explains that she couldn’t imagine her life without hockey.

“My dad put me in skates as soon as I started walking. I basically grew up with the sport, it has always been my identity, it's what I was known for, and I loved it,” she said.

Hoskin describes her positive experience as a student athlete playing Division I hockey.

“I loved being an ice hockey player at Quinnipiac. It allowed me to come into this school with 20 best friends automatically,” said Hoskin. “I think being a college athlete is a special thing that not everyone gets to experience. it's hard to explain but I am so grateful for my time here as an athlete. You feel like a professional."

Throughout her time on the women’s ice hockey team, Hoskin contributed to her team’s successes in various ways including winning the Nutmeg Championship four years in a row and competing in the NCAA and ECAC tournament twice.

Aside from ice hockey, Hoskin enjoys writing, editing, taking photos and social media, making journalism the perfect choice of study for her.

“Quinnipiac Journalism is one of a kind. Having QNN as my capstone class where I actually have the opportunity to make newscasts is something I never thought I would get to do,” said Hoskin.

Balancing school and hockey has been a challenge for Hoskin, but having hockey as her safety net has led her to success.

“Going to the arena every day was my escape from reality. Ice hockey has always been a safe place for me," said Hoskin. "As soon as I step into the arena, nothing else matters. So, no matter how stressed I was about school or life in general, hockey was my escape. Without it, I don't know what I would have done."

Tying into her major and interests, Hoskin offered her skills working at the Quinnipiac Office of Marketing and Communications.

“Working in the Office of Marketing and Communications allowed me to find something I liked other than ice hockey," said Hoskin. "It also showed me that there is a future for me after school and hockey and that I can find a passion for something else."

“It's helped me grow my journalism skills and it's helped me navigate what part of journalism I would ideally like to involve myself in," she added.

Hoskin looks to the future, in hopes of being drafted after recently entering into the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) draft. 

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