School of Medicine celebrates 10-year anniversary with podcast

September 18, 2023

Barbara Netter speaks at the opening of the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine.

The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine launched a new podcast to celebrate its first decade as a school.

Dr. Phillip Boiselle, dean of the School of Medicine, developed the idea for the oral history podcast surrounding the 10-year anniversary of the school. Lisa Coplit, MD, associate dean for faculty development and professor of medical sciences, hosts each episode and leads discussions with more than 35 guests.

“Boiselle asked me and Katie Lyons, our faculty development program coordinator, who produces our faculty development podcast, if we were interested,” said Coplit. “We enthusiastically accepted and it has been an amazing learning experience and an honor to tell the story of the school through it’s dedicated faculty, staff, leadership and students.”

The podcast, called “QU Netter: The First Decade,” is a year-long show that began with three released episodes on September 12.

Coplit shared how these episodes detail the origin of the school, the first class’ four-year tenure and eventually leads the listener to the present day. Later episodes will focus on other fond memories from guests and the medical illustration symposium being held this month, as well as other topics related to the anniversary.

“The Quinnipiac School of Medicine is incredibly privileged to have Dr. Frank H. Netter as our namesake,” said Coplit. “He has inspired clinicians around the world and we are working to honor his legacy here at the school. I think we are special because of our namesake and our focus on outstanding teaching, student-centered education and patient-centered care. I hope that the story of our growth, our mission and our people is a compelling one.”

Lyons’ associate producer, Grace McGuire ’23, MS ’24, expressed her admiration for the school while working on the project.

“This podcast shows the humble beginnings of how simple, friendly collaboration can build a lasting legacy and affect a whole population of students,” said McGuire.

This podcast provides a deep dive into the meticulous work of the School of Medicine from the very first day. Since each episode is heavily involved with the team that makes up the school, one can gain an understanding of the human side of academic structure, shared McGuire.

As a result of creating this show, Coplit became fascinated with the people who gave the school its breath and would be equally interested to learn about stories of the evolution of the other schools within Quinnipiac.

Listeners can access “QU Netter: The First Decade” episodes on Spotify, Apple and the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio page.

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