Full LCME accreditation term recognizes standard of excellence at School of Medicine

In recognition of meeting or exceeding exceptional standards for an educational program leading to an MD, Quinnipiac’s Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine has been granted a full accreditation term through 2029-2030 by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

LCME is the nationally recognized accrediting authority for medical education programs in the United States and Canada.

“As we continue our mission to educate and nurture future generations of diverse, compassionate, and humanistic physicians, we can all take pride in the fact that our school upholds the highest standards of excellence in medical education,” said School of Medicine Dean Dr. Phillip Boiselle.

Boiselle said the term is a recognition of Quinnipiac’s outstanding medical education program and a testament to the dedicated and talented efforts of its faculty, staff and students.

Faculty accreditation lead Dr. Lyuba Konopasek gathered a talented, core team comprised of School of Medicine educators Dr. Renu Boatright, assistant dean for student affairs; Shelley Candler, director of medical education; Dr. Lisa Coplit, senior associate dean for faculty affairs;  Douglas McHugh, assistant dean for the foundational science curriculum; Dr. Steve Paik, associate dean for student affairs and admissions; Ingrid Philibert, senior director of accreditation, measurement and educational scholarship; Saleh Rahman, associate dean for equity, inclusion and diversity; and Dr. Adam Weinstein, assistant dean for clinical curriculum; as well as administrators Ellen Loura, administrative assistant to the School of Medicine; and Mara Saccente, director of administration at the School of Medicine.

“This success is based on the amazing work of everyone in community, and with great support from Quinnipiac and our clinical partners,” said Konopasek. “It took many people to create this success, and it will take all of us continuing our absolute commitment to maintaining these standards of excellence and building on them.”

Months of preparation involved creating new programs, measuring outcomes and providing documentation for LCME review. In the fall, LCME site visitors also met by Zoom with students, residents, faculty, staff and educational leaders.

“I think they were very pleased with all of our initiatives and the outcomes,” said Konopasek.

The School of Medicine celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Its mission is to educate and nurture future generations of diverse, compassionate, and humanistic physicians who promote wellness and patient-centered care for all members of society.

“Many of our students now are known for their compassionate and humanistic care and outstanding clinical skills. They are also noticed for it when they get to their residency training programs and are assuming leadership roles. Many of them have become chief residents of their programs,” said Konopasek.

This commitment to fostering humanism in medicine is rooted in the art of the school’s namesake, Frank H. Netter, MD. Netter’s renowned anatomical illustrations and paintings, crafted with a striking level of empathy and humanity, have inspired generations of healthcare professionals.

Recently, the School of Medicine launched a new strategic plan entitled, “Painting a Brighter Healthcare Future for All.”

“One of the accreditation standards is having a strategic plan, and we have a brand-new one that’s really taking Netter to the next level in its second decade,” said Konopasek. “It’s guided by our vision of enhancing equity in medical education, healthcare and community health and wellbeing.”

The School of Medicine’s strategic pillars are Caring for Our Community, Transforming Medical Education, Cultivating Scholarship and Catalyzing Collaborations.

“We are mindful of these standards in how we do our work, and will continue to build on them,” said Konopasek. “Our focus is on medical education using best practices to teach a very diverse group of students, including diversity of learning. We really think about creating a program that meets the needs of these students to become amazing doctors."

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