Building a steppingstone into a future of politics and government

June 13, 2024

Aidan Truckenbrod headshot

As the child of two teachers, Aidan Truckenbrod ’25 saw their dedication and commitment to helping others, which inspired him to become a Quinnipiac Presidential Public Service Fellow.

Watching his parents help their students, Truckenbrod learned the importance of and saw the joy in supporting and helping others. Now, as a Presidential Public Service Fellow in the Hamden Senior Citizens Service office, he is working toward his future career path while providing others with the same joy he saw his parents provide their students.

A double major in political science and public relations with a minor in public diplomacy, Truckenbrod has been using his skills in event planning to create community-centered, diverse and accessible events for those in the later years of life. Some of these events include a farmers market, collaborating with the School of Health Sciences to provides support to those in the senior center while providing students on-the-ground experience and the upcoming Sugar Shack series for the fall at Brooksvale Park in Hamden.

In his role as a fellow, Truckenbrod has continued his goal of bringing joy to others through his work. Through his efforts, he has also been learning more about the community and how he can support it through his current role and future career.

“I hope to learn more about what it takes to serve this community, and what are the pressing issues that I can help this community within my future career,” said Truckenbrod.

Since he started at Quinnipiac, he has known that he has wanted to work in government and politics. This role has allowed him to build a steppingstone toward his future career while providing joy and support to others.

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