Navigating current business and societal challenges

By Tamilla Triantoro and Tuvana Rua January 30, 2024

Professors Tamilla Triantoro and Tuvana Rua

In this edition of our newsletter, we explore a broad range of topics that bridge the gap between business acumen and societal responsibility, offering both in-depth insights and a broad overview of contemporary issues that shape our world.

At the heart of our discourse are the contributions from the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business community, whose reflections and insights are critical in an era of rapid technological advancements and societal transformations. This issue brings to light the innovative thinking and critical inquiry Quinnipiac is known for.

The dialogue begins with Sara Wilbur's examination of the evolution in financial fraud, stressing the importance of staying ahead in the fight against these modern challenges. Grace Port Vilet shares the enriching experiences of the MBA Society at Quinnipiac, emphasizing the blend of theory and practice in leadership development. Tuvana Rua's piece on workplace flexibility and its impact on women's workforce participation highlights the significance of supportive corporate policies. The narrative expands to societal issues with Hannah Davis and Autumn White's overview of the 7th Annual Community Action Summit, focusing on human rights and community engagement.

In their research endeavors, Angela Mattie connects business education with healthcare management, advocating for improved patient safety and service quality. Don McAulay offers a deep dive into the experiences of Black American male college athletes, exploring the intersections of race, identity, and sports. Tan Gürpinar explains the potential of blockchain for social empowerment, beyond its financial roots.

Emphasizing our events, the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business hosted a panel on "AI and the Future of Work," featuring leaders from Deloitte, Ferrero, Indeed, GE Vernova, and Quinnipiac University. The Eileen Peters Farley ’68 Endowed Speaker Series celebrated Susan L. Johnson with the 2023 Impact Award, and our "Sip & Shop" pop-up event, in honor of Black History Month, created a vibrant community space that celebrated diversity and entrepreneurship through music, food, and art, supporting small businesses owned by people of color.

Looking forward, we eagerly anticipate the "Cultural Shift in Understanding Work-Life Balance" event, aimed at addressing the changing roles of men and women in the workforce, scheduled on March 27. This discussion is important as we seek to balance professional and personal lives in today's world.

We're also excited about the Kathleen Simione Women in Business Scholarship, the Oxford Summer 2024 New Technology & Human Rights Research Award, and Research Award program for students and faculty that will be announced in Spring. These initiatives are designed to support the growth of our community and reflect our commitment to provide opportunities for women to achieve their professional goals.

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