Professor earns grant to expand educational opportunities on campus

October 04, 2021

Headshot of Professor Alexander Laskin

Textbooks can be heavy, in weight and price. Professor Alexander Laskin recognizes the opportunity in the growing open educational resource space, and hopes to broaden its reach. He was recently awarded a Connecticut OER grant that will help him achieve just that.

“I went to university in Russia, and in Russia all textbooks were free to students,” Laskin said. “They were provided by the university. It was always shocking to me that in the U.S. students have to buy the books that the university requires them to use.”

The $500 grant, which will be distributed over a three-month period, will help bring additional free educational resources into the university’s curriculum.

“I am trying to identify open-access materials, and then I’ll review them to determine if they are high-quality and appropriate materials for our students,” said Laskin. “If they are appropriate, I will recommend them to the department for the adoption consideration.”

Laskin’s findings will culminate in a report for the state of Connecticut as well as the university community that will be available for public access.

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