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Quinnipiac launches three new ‘green’ degree programs

April 26, 2021

Students wade through a river as they collect samples

The College of Arts and Sciences will launch three new environmental bachelor’s degree programs in Fall 2021.

Quinnipiac will offer a bachelor of science in environmental science, a bachelor of arts in sustainability and environmental policy and a bachelor of arts (co-major) in environmental studies.

“The design of these three interdisciplinary majors addresses the need to bring deeper, informed understanding to what is unquestionably one of the most critical issues of our day, one that touches the life of every person, in every walk of life,” said Mary Paddock, associate professor of modern languages and interdisciplinary studies and executive director of the university’s Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies. “The three major tracks are components of a broader environmental studies program that figures prominently in Quinnipiac’s Sustainability Plan.”

The BS in environmental science explores how various biological and physical processes intersect to shape the natural world, while examining the impact of humans on the environment from multiple perspectives, including political, legal, economic, cultural and anthropological.

In the BA in sustainability and environmental policy connects the complex subjects of sustainability, environmental science and environmental policy as students explore the scientific, social and cultural aspects of our most prevalent environmental issues.

The BA (co-major) in environmental studies is designed to be intentionally integrated and completed alongside any major, giving students the experience and expertise to address the effects of climate change, water pollution, waste disposal and other prominent environmental challenges in a range of professional fields.

“Consistent with the university’s strategic goal to positively impact internal, local, and global communities, all students, regardless of major, can incorporate environmental studies into their chosen program of study through individual courses or through a double major via the environmental studies co-major,” Paddock said.

Experiential learning is a major component of each program and offered in regional, national and international settings.

Sustainability-Focused Majors

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