Gain a high level of professional versatility

In the Environmental Studies Co-Major (BA) program, you’ll build a strong foundation in environmental science, ethics, statistics, sustainable development, geography and culture while exploring environmental challenges from multiple disciplinary perspectives. If you are passionate about a specialized field such as environmental communications, business sustainability, environmental public health, biostatistics, environmental law or environmental engineering, the integration of your primary major with the environmental studies co-major will allow you to pursue that passion. 

Declaring this co-major as part of your program designates you with a double degree, giving you the benefit of graduating with two bachelor’s degrees—and a high level of professional versatility. Whatever your primary major may be, adding a broad, complementary background in environmental studies uniquely qualifies you for positions with federal, state and local environmental agencies, political action groups, NGOs, nonprofits, corporations, research organizations and product developers.

Experiential learning opportunities available in regional, national, and international settings enable you to integrate and apply what you’ve learned outside of the classroom. These include study abroad, faculty-led international courses, and field research in environmental biology, chemistry, or engineering. Others are made available through university partnerships and special programs, and include participation in an environmental policy fellowship in Washington, D.C., and work with local nonprofits or governmental agencies.