Romanian ambassador makes stop at Quinnipiac during national tour

December 08, 2022

People sit at a conference table

The ambassador of Romania to the United States visited Quinnipiac on Wednesday as part of his 50 States, One Community tour.

Ambassador Andrei Muraru met with Dana Bucin, chair of Murtha Cullina’s immigration practice in Hartford and honorary consul of Romania to Connecticut, and Christopher Ball, director of Quinnipiac’s Central European Institute and Istvan Szechenyi chair.

He said he visited Quinnipiac because of his awareness of and appreciation for the university's Central European Institute.

"The Central European Institute has had a long relationship with Romania," said Ball. "Our first scholarship recipient, Blanka Balazs, MBA '10, was from Romania. About half of our Hungarian-American business leaders scholars have come from Romania."

The Central European Institute also works closely with Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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