School of Computing and Engineering to deliver educational programs on healthcare enterprise cyber risk management

‘Stop the Cyber Bleeding’ author to deliver 3 online cybersecurity badge courses

May 31, 2022

Bob Chaput

The Quinnipiac School of Computing and Engineering is partnering with Clearwater Founder and Executive Chairman Bob Chaput to deliver three online master’s of science in cybersecurity badges. Chaput is the author of the book, “Stop the Cyber Bleeding.”

The new cybersecurity badges are designed to educate students on how to manage compliance and cyber risk and combat cyber threats in healthcare settings.

The one, three-credit online courses include hands-on HIPAA compliance risk management; hands-on HIPAA security risk analysis and risk management; and enterprise cybersecurity risk management in healthcare.

Lab assignments will include access to and use of Clearwater’s IRM|Pro, the award-winning, cloud-based software platform used by hundreds of healthcare organizations to manage HIPAA compliance and cyber risk.

All courses will be taught by Chaput, beginning July 11, in the summer II session and are structured to be taken consecutively throughout the summer.

“Healthcare is one of the biggest segments of our economy and one of the nation’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors,” said Fred Scholl, associate teaching professor of cybersecurity at Quinnipiac. “It’s in our national interest to teach people the skills to protect it.”

Quinnipiac partners with employers who wish to offer continuing education to their employees working in the cybersecurity area. Working professionals can earn badge certification after completing a series of one to three courses online. Students can apply these courses toward a future Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

“I began my professional life as an educator, and I have always been a teacher at heart,” Chaput said. “I remain deeply committed to helping healthcare organizations protect themselves from the cyberattacks that continue to plague the industry, threatening patient safety. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to share some of my learnings through these upcoming courses offered by Quinnipiac.”

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