A trio's triumph: Triplets celebrate early decision into Quinnipiac

Anouar Benbrahim ’28, Safia Benbrahim ’28 and Younes Benbrahim ’28, are staying close to home, and each other, by attending Quinnipiac next year. They are continuing the family legacy following in their older sister’s footsteps and becoming Bobcats together.

Remaining in their native state of Connecticut for college was a no-brainer for these triplets. Between visiting campus throughout the years and learning of the endless opportunities provided, the three students knew they could call Quinnipiac home.

“Every time our older sister, Anissa '25, comes home she tells us about the wonderful experiences she has every day at Quinnipiac,” said Younes. “She always talks about how she loves the campus, the people and especially the professors. She became the living proof that Quinnipiac is a beautiful place, in which you can be united with the community more than in any other college, as well as how you are able to connect with the professors, who are willing to give you opportunities and set you up for success.”

Since the triplets attended various tours, events and the bookstore many times throughout their high school careers, they fell in love with campus. While similar in their college decision, each of them has chosen a different direction regarding their academic studies. Anouar intends to major in mechanical engineering, Safia plans to study biology and Younes is an undeclared liberal arts major.

Applying early decision was the right choice for the sibling trio since they always knew that being a Bobcat was the perfect fit.

“I felt overjoyed once I found out I had been accepted, finally I knew that those 12 years of studying paid off,” said Safia.

The school spirit and social environment of Quinnipiac drew them to apply early and the siblings are eager to start their college journey. Younes specifically expressed his pride in now identifying as a future Bobcat.

“I am looking forward to being invested and being involved in the ample selection of different activities and opportunities that I may have on campus,” said Anouar.

The Benbrahim family has supported the newly accepted students and nurtured their career aspirations, giving them the extra push toward success. The triplets won’t be strolling down Bobcat Way just yet, but their early decision acceptance has kickstarted their countdown to the exciting path ahead.

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