Computer science alumnus earns major promotion at tech company

January 22, 2024

Akash Budhani smiles in a suit for a headshot.

Akash Budhani ’14 developed a profound admiration for the world of business as soon as his college career at Quinnipiac began. Now as an alumnus, he has succeeded tremendously in his field and was recently appointed as vice president of corporate development at Ubiquity.

As a first-year student, Budhani had never left his hometown alone before coming to the United States to study computer science and finance as an international student.

When he first grew homesick, he turned to a member of the Facilities team working in the School of Business that emigrated from Armenia. Her experience of moving to the United States on her own, as well, without a strong fluency in English and supporting her children in college comforted Budhani through this new journey he was facing.

“It goes to show how at Quinnipiac, you can find inspiration everywhere,” said Budhani.

His academic courses and classmates taught him how to learn from mistakes and granted him the courage to challenge himself.

“What captivated me about finance was the art of telling stories using numbers,” said Budhani. “You can gain valuable insights into an industry or corporation by simply understanding how to read financial statements. It is truly like learning to speak a new language. My computer science degree enhanced my quantitative problem-solving skills, while my finance classes equipped me to articulate stories using data-driven findings.”

By taking advantage of networking opportunities while at school, Budhani kickstarted his professional career in an investment banking job that resulted from a prior internship. His path eventually led to working for Ubiquity, a global digital transformation and operations management services provider.

“At Ubiquity, I lead our in-organic growth, which entails long-term strategy planning and executing mergers and acquisitions,” said Budhani. “My role is focused on understanding the challenges Ubiquity’s clients will face in this ever-changing global A.I. marketplace and how we can empower them to be more competitive. Ultimately, I use the analysis to execute Ubquity’s investment and acquisition plans.”

As an accomplished leader in his field, Budhani encourages current Quinnipiac students to pursue internships. He completed eight during his time as a Bobcat and said that they not only enhanced his resume but provided firsthand experience of the finance world. Each internship was a stepping stone to his success today.

By making connections and dedicating himself to his work, Budhani was able to turn his Quinnipiac degree into a career path that is truly making an impact on the world around him.

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