High school students gain hands-on diagnostic imaging experience

December 13, 2022

High school student being taught how to use a sonograph.

Diagnostic medical sonography students from Quinnipiac’s School of Health Sciences partnered with the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine OB/GYN Interest group to host an information session for Hamden and New Haven high school students.

During the session, students gained hands-on experience with industry-grade diagnostic imaging equipment under the professional guidance of diagnostic medical sonography students and School of Health Sciences faculty.

The information session, held in the standardized patient assessment center within the School of Medicine, placed students in various assessment rooms where they had the opportunity to test out many of the same tools they might encounter during a career in healthcare.

Natalie Elzoul, a senior at Hamden High School, relished the opportunity to try her hand and get a preview of life in diagnostic imaging.

"Having the opportunity to work with students who are doing what I want to do in the future was inspirational, to say the least," said Elzoul.

Students learning how to use a sonograph.

High school students observe as a diagnostic medical sonography student demonstrates the proper use of a sonograph on a patient’s abdomen.


Student being taught how to use a sonograph digital imaging system.

A high school student uses digital imaging equipment to inspect a patient’s neck.


Diagnostic medical imaging student shows a student how to use a sonograph.

High school students had the opportunity to learn how vital sonography is in the world of healthcare.


DMS student explains how to interpret the images produced by a sonograph.One of Quinnipiac’s diagnostic medical sonography students explains to attendees how to interpret the images produced by the sonograph.


Students watch as DMS student performs an analysis on her patient.

High school students were able to observe Quinnipiac undergraduates as they performed live analyses on patients in the standardized patient assessment center at the School of Medicine.


DMS student prepares her patient for the sonograph demonstration.

Students learned how to prepare patients for internal analyses.

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