Become an invaluable asset to physicians

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, you’ll perform and interpret ultrasound scans to help physicians diagnose a range of diseases, assist surgeons with biopsies, and track the health and growth of developing fetuses. Our bachelor’s degree program, the first and only one of its kind in Connecticut, teaches you sophisticated sonographic procedures and technology, as well as the interpersonal skills necessary to work directly with patients in a range of settings. You’ll be prepared to be the eyes and ears into a patient’s body, helping physicians and other healthcare providers diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from cancer and blood clots to pregnancy complications.

The BS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Quinnipiac emphasizes both flexibility and career mobility. The program affords you opportunities for clinical training in a variety of subspecialties, including OB/GYN, breast, vascular, abdominal and musculoskeletal imaging. These options enable you to pursue multiple credentials in the field, increasing the number of jobs for which you qualify. This specialized training also provides the ideal foundation for those interested in pursuing medical school in the future.

During the professional component of the program, you’ll complete more than 1,400 hours of clinical field experience across five separate rotations. Your clinical education takes place in any of 20 affiliated locations across the state, including Diagnostic Imaging Associates, Gaylord Hospital, Whitney Medical Imaging and Southern Connecticut Vascular Center. Upon degree completion, students will be prepared to challenge numerous ARDMS certification exams.