New residence hall enhances residential experience

Undergraduate students will soon have a new residence hall known as The Grove to call home.

The 417-bed building offers an extraordinary living space crafted to embody the legacy of the Pine Grove region of campus while conveying its own distinct charm. It is set to open this August as part of the 2024-25 academic year.

“Its purpose is to not only provide a place to live, but to enhance the entire residential experience where student mentors — sophomores, juniors and seniors — will engage first-year students in exploring ‘big ideas’ within and outside Quinnipiac,” said Tom Ellett, chief experience officer. “The Grove was purposely designed to include communal spaces, cozy lounges and an inviting outdoor courtyard strategically planned to cultivate a strong sense of community, enhance career preparedness and nurture emotional well-being through involvement with peers across different levels of their academic journey.”

About 300 first-year students, about 100 sophomores, juniors and seniors, and 17 resident assistants will live in the building along with a residence hall director and faculty fellow.

The four-story building, which is fully air-conditioned, includes 42 singles. There are also lounges on each floor.

“The views from The Grove are spectacular — especially of Sleeping Giant,” said Ellett.

The residential experience will also emphasize positive local community connections. Sophomores, juniors and seniors living in The Grove will select a way to give back and problem-solve an issue with the local community and Quinnipiac and then collaborate with the first-year students to address challenges and accomplish their collective goals.

“We are looking at challenges facing the campus and society as we work toward resolutions toward them,” Ellett explained. “It’s a place for students to call home and be able to work together to make a positive impact.”

As a testament to the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship, every facet of The Grove — as well as the larger South Quad — has been meticulously planned to contribute positively to local ecosystems. From native plants and trees to rain gardens, water-runoff prevention measures and lighting designed to minimize light pollution, The Grove stands as a symbol of Quinnipiac’s environmentally consciousness initiatives.

The Grove is more than just a residence hall. It is a living tribute to the past, a celebration of the present and a sustainable vision for the future.

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