Get to know the students behind Quinnipiac Today

The vast majority of the content you read each day in Quinnipiac Today is produced by a small group of talented and passionate students.

This dedicated team of undergraduate and graduate students spanning across schools develop many of the story ideas, conduct the interviews, and write and build the articles in the university's content management systems. Without them, there would be no Quinnipiac Today.

"Quinnipiac is fortunate to have such motivated and creative students," said Jamie DeLoma, editor of Quinnipiac Today and director of live channels. "By telling the stories that define what it means to be a Bobcat through the lens of our students add a level of authenticity that would be otherwise lacking. We are so fortunate to have them on our team."

Through their efforts, the students gain hands-on marketing and communications experience.

"I am impressed and grateful for the level of skill, talent, professionalism and dedication these students bring to this office each day," said Lisa Scrofani, assistant director of web content strategy. "These students gain a wide range of skills and professional experience by working in this office, and their talents truly benefit the Quinnipiac experience."

As we prepare for this weekend's Commencement ceremonies, we congratulate and thank each of our extraordinary students, many of whom are also graduating:

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