Public Safety debuts new headquarters

Quinnipiac’s 24/7 dedication to public safety and student support was on display as Bobcats checked out the new Public Safety facility on the Mount Carmel Campus during an all-access open house on April 3.

Designed with state-of-the art resources and spaces providing extensive support for Public Safety staff and services, the new facility also intentionally incorporates thoughtful, welcoming spaces accessible and available to the student community.

“This building is always open and has immediate tap access so that everyone in the community can tap in. It’s 24/7,” said Chief of Public Safety Tony Reyes. “I’m repurposing that saying, ‘We’ll keep the light on for you.’ Public Safety will keep the light on for you.”

Students, faculty, staff and university leadership filled the facility during the open house, together with visiting state and local government and law enforcement representatives.

President Judy Olian said it was especially exciting to see students flowing through the building and meeting members of the Public Safety team as they toured the spaces.

“I’m thrilled to see Public Safety situated in an ultra-professional and technologically adept space that’s also made to be so welcoming to our students. It’s a culture of belonging and it’s really part of the Quinnipiac culture. We want people to feel safe and welcome,” said Olian.

On behalf of the Connecticut General Assembly, State Senator Paul Cicarella presented an official citation congratulating Quinnipiac and the Public Safety department for its duty to the safety and protection of the community, commitment to accessibility and dedication to protecting and improving the quality of life for all.

As a parent of two young children, Cicarella said he knows how important the work of first responders is to a community and that the assurance of public safety is not only critical to those who are served, but to those who love them.

“This is important because the parents can have comfort in knowing they have state-of-the-art equipment and a facility that can address any issue that arises; and Quinnipiac does a great job of that,” said Cicarella. “I’m here today because I wanted to highlight the great work that they’re doing and because public safety is very important. We need to start to talk about all the good our first responders do, especially our police officers, because they do so much for their community.”

Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett also presented Reyes with a proclamation. Of behalf of the Hamen community, Garrett recognized Quinnipiac for aligning its philosophy of community engagement with its continued commitment to the safety of all community members by investing in the creation of the new Public Safety facility.

Hamden Chief of Police Edward Reynolds said he was excited to see the new facility at Quinnipiac and grateful for the strong partnership between the municipality and the university.

“That’s what community policing is all about. It’s building partnerships,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said he was glad to be working with Reyes as the partnership continues to grow.

“In many ways, our visions intersect. We’re going to look at ways to continue to build our departments, as well as contribute to the public safety of not only Quinnipiac but the entire Hamden community,” said Reynolds.

Centrally located within the student housing area, the new facility headquarters Quinnipiac’s Public Safety department of 65 employees including 52 officers. Public Safety also has satellite offices on the North Haven and York Hill campuses.

The 24-hour emergency response center has state-of-the-art technology supporting its communications dispatch center, computer systems and record management. Other offices, spaces and rooms in the new facility support Public Safety’s complement of officers, investigators, supervisors, ranking leadership and administrative staff.

The first steps into the building welcome students to a reception area with bench seating, phone-charging stations, posted Public Safety information and other resources to take away.

“I feel like it’s super welcoming when students walk in,” said Zachary O’Connell ’27. “I see the little plushies they have and the Helpline stickers and so it’s very inviting to take something if you need it. It’s very welcoming in a sense being here to help.”

From the reception area, Quinnipiac community members have tap-in access to a waiting area that’s designed as a safe and welcoming space. Student groups, clubs and organizations are also welcome to schedule use of the Training Room inside the facility, which has been designed for flexible use as community meeting space.

Taking in design touches including a media center in the waiting area and plenty of framed photos of the campus, students and Quinnipiac events interspersed throughout the building, Bobcat Nick Fizzano ’26, said the new facility is noticeably different from Public Service’s former offices across the road in Irmagarde Tator Residence Hall.

“This venue is just a lot more friendly and well put-together and it seems more welcoming, particularly with the little entrance area,” said Fizzano.

Public Safety transitioned into the new facility during the winter break and began operating from the new site on January 8. The April 3 open house provided the perfect opportunity for Tyler Dougherty ’25, to take a look around.

“As a commuter student, if I ever want to charge my phone or I forget anything, I’ll definitely feel comfortable coming here,” Dougherty said.

Mary Grace Wile ’26, said knowing that Public Safety is just around the corner from her residence hall, in a facility that’s accessible to her around the clock, is comforting.

“It provides a lot of comfort knowing that it’s right here and whatever happens they can come in a split second. Anything you need, they’ll be there for you,” said Wile.

Ava Papavasiliou ’26, was happy to join in on the celebration at the new facility and said she knows the safety and security she experiences on campus is due to the work of Public Safety.

“I have never felt unsafe walking around on campus. I think they definitely do a great job making everyone feel safe and I think it’s great that they’re doing this today,” Papavasiliou said.

Quinnipiac Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett said having facility spaces intentionally designed with students in mind will serve to deepen the important connection between students and Public Safety.

“I think it certainly provides more accessibility for our students to engage with our Public Safety team. We have a great room here that can be used by students, clubs and organizations to have a meeting, or do a safety session with Public Safety, or find out information about what’s happening with a particular safety issue in Hamden or the greater Connecticut region,” said Ellet. “The facility really reflects the professionalism that the team brings to the role.”

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