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Pulitzer Prize-winner encourages students to know their worth and limits

December 10, 2021

Libor Jany joins a journalism class via Zoom

Award-winning journalist Libor Jany joined a Quinnipiac journalism class via Zoom on Wednesday to share his thoughts and experiences as a renowned journalist with students.

Jany, a public safety reporter for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, was a major contributor in earning a 2021 Pulitzer Prize for the coverage of the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Jany’s earning accolades include earning the 2021 Edward R. Murrow Award in Continuing Coverage, the 2021 Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (MNSPJ) Journalist of the Year, the 2021 National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Journalist of the Year and the 2021 Page One Award for Breaking News Coverage.

The journalism students were able to ask Jany a variety of questions along with valuable advice to accomplish their goals within the field.

“Try to seize any opportunity,” said Jany. “Know your worth and recognize what you bring to the table.”

Jany went into detail on what it was like to cover George Floyd’s murder and the protests that followed. He explained that reporting on events that people should be aware of and giving voices to the voiceless is an important part of the job.

“Journalism is an act of activism,” said Jany.

As someone who reports on tragedies daily, Jany admitted that he still faces challenges himself.

“It’s a challenge to knock on the door of grieving parents,” said Jany. “It feels intrusive but as a reporter, you have to compartmentalize and do your job to tell a story accurately and fairly with a degree of sensitivity.”

Jany discussed the importance of prioritizing mental health as a journalist and emphasized the idea of showing up to life’s many experiences.

“There are certain things that you can’t get from just sitting at your desk,” said Jany.

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