Embrace Leadership and Unleash Ambition

In a globalized economy, modern business leaders are faced with more complex challenges than ever before. The ability to understand, adapt to and solve these issues is what separates a common leader from a great one, and a current manager from a future C-level executive.

For professionals with 30-91 college credits, the online Bachelor of Business Administration program offers the ideal pathway for advancement in numerous industries. In our online classroom, you’ll learn from the same full-time faculty who teach on campus while collaborating with other local business professionals. This degree is designed with working professionals in mind and can be completed entirely online in a flexible format, without interrupting your current career.

The Quinnipiac University School of Business is committed to preparing ambitious business leaders who can apply their knowledge in any marketplace and turn challenges into career-making opportunities. Through an exploration of key business operations including finance, marketing, management and analytics, you will build a strong foundation to take the next step in your career.