School of Medicine incoming students assured they ‘got this’

August 02, 2023

School of Medicine students stand in an auditorium

Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Dean Dr. Phillip Boiselle assured his newest students on Monday that they were poised for success.

“You are more than enough,” he told them before encouraging them all to say in unison: “We got this!

Smiles filled the faces of the future physicians as he assured the students that he and the entire School of Medicine family would be there for them throughout the next four years — and for throughout their careers.

“Not only have you got this, but we have your back,” he said. “We have been rooting for you since the application process, and we will continue cheering you on day by day — not just throughout your medical education journey here — but beyond throughout your careers.”

He said he remembered very little about the facts he learned on his first day of medical school, but he does remember how he felt.

“Feelings of doubt that I was not smart enough or qualified enough to belong there,” as he talked about the imposter syndrome he felt and how commonly it is experienced.

He concluded the welcome event on the North Haven Campus by pairing up the students and asking each of them to look into their partner’s eyes and say simply: “You are more than enough. You got this.”

The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Class of 2027 will be formally welcomed by the university community at 2 p.m. on Friday at the M&T Bank Arena on the North Haven Campus. Watch the ceremony live stream

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