Student captures what it means to be a Bobcat

If anyone told Ephemia Nicolakis ’23, MBA ’24, her first year at Quinnipiac that she would be where she is now, she said she wouldn't believe them.

Her three years at Quinnipiac have been unforgettable as she has taken advantage of a wide variety of opportunities and experiences, she said.

“The experiences I have had, the people I have met and the friendships I have kept are drastically different than I thought they would have been, in the absolute best possible way,” she said.

This wouldn’t have been so without her exhaustive involvements on and off campus, Nicolakis said.

Having a double major in graphic design and public relations, she has been immersed in a variety of organizations and opportunities throughout Quinnipiac, including being part of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Students for Environmental Action club and the School of Communications' ambassador program.

Additionally, she is the current public relations manager for Ability Media, the founder and communications chair of the 1929 Fund, a digital platforms assistant for Quinnipiac’s Office of Marketing and Communications and was an account executive for Quinnipiac Dining.

Last year, she took part in Quinnipiac in Los Angeles, interning with the Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has also traveled to Italy for a course and has been a photographer for Quinnipiac's women's volleyball.

The list of Nicolakis’ accomplishments is seemingly endless, but one experience in particular resonated with her personal and professional journey.

“QU in LA was the best experience ever,” she said. “My friends and I got to live in Los Angeles but also partake in weekend trips to Venice and San Diego and all over. The director of the program, Andres Rosende Novo, made the experience all that it was and it is safe to say I met my closest friends through this experience.”

Outside of Quinnipiac, Nicolakis can be found working as the social media coordinator for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA or working at Ephemiamaria Photography, a company she founded and currently owns. 

Nicolakis attributes a lot of her success to the community at Quinnipiac that gave her the space to learn and grow.

“The community at Quinnipiac has helped my photography skills and company become even more successful,” Nicolakis said. “Gaining experience on campus at events and being a university photographer has increased my skills and improved my portfolio so much. The community here has only supported my dreams and endeavors throughout my whole college career. From friends buying my merch to sororities and students booking shoots, they have been the people cheering me on from day one.”

Through it all, Nicolakis found one takeaway to be most impactful and to ring true.

“With everything, I have learned so much about the importance of doing what you love because we only have limited time with these experiences,” she said. “In the same token, it also taught me a lot about the importance of saying no and purely doing things you’re passionate about.”

Nicolakis also contributed her individual and professional growth to her support system at Quinnipiac.

“From my boss Jamie DeLoma in the Office of Marketing and Communications; the chief experience officer Tom Ellett; the dean of the School of Communications Chris Roush, to my incredible professors, mentors, alumni and close friends, everyone has been an immense part of my journey and I can’t thank them enough."


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