Transfer student knew Quinnipiac was home

October 05, 2023

Anita Farid stands in front of the medical school with fellow nursing friends.

When Anita Farid ’25 decided to make a trip to visit Quinnipiac, she knew she belonged here.

The beautiful scenery and friendly faces made her feel at home, she said, expressing that she knew the community could fulfill her social and academic needs more than her previous university. 

After feeling disconnected from her college environment, the ambition and dedication of Quinnipiac students compelled her on her very first tour of campus. 

“I switched majors from pre-med to nursing,” said Farid. “I didn't want to stay in Maryland because I wasn't a fan of the nursing programs available there. I also just wanted to branch out and have a home away from home. The nursing program here at Quinnipiac is competitive and I'm grateful to get in as a transfer. They are so organized and provide so many student resources for us to succeed. The hands-on labs and clinicals help us better prepare through real-life scenarios and experiences that other nursing programs I explored didn't offer.” 

While many anxieties and fears are typically attached to being a transfer, Farid believes that everyone at Quinnipiac is open to welcoming new people, she said. Farid is in the process of joining the running club as well as the photography club, expanding her interests and branching out to various parts of Bobcat nation. 

Farid is ecstatic to be continuing the majority of her undergraduate nursing program at Quinnipiac. 

“My ultimate goal is to become the best nurse I can be,” said Farid. “Quinnipiac is already helping me by exposing me to different hospitals and environments during my clinicals that can potentially secure me a future job. The school has a high rate of students who immediately have jobs through Yale Health or Hartford Health after they graduate.” 

As a recent transfer, Farid extends advice to prospective transfer students who may be considering Quinnipiac as their new home.

“I've met some amazing people here and formed connections that I know I will have forever,” said Farid. “It's all about being yourself.” 

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