Practice-ready nurses celebrated at accelerated BSN Class of 2023 pinning ceremony

The School of Nursing celebrated 79 practice-ready nurses at a pinning ceremony for the August accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Class of 2023 on Friday afternoon.

The event at the M&T Bank Arena on the York Hill Campus observed the tradition of excellence in nursing achieved by the graduates, upon completion of the intensive, one-year BSN program, now in its 23rd year. The 12-month program offers both January and August start dates.

School of Nursing Senior Associate Dean Lisa Rebeschi commended the graduates for successfully pursuing their nursing career while balancing multiple roles as parents, partners, friends and workers.

“Your success today is a result of your hard work, your determination, your persistence and sacrifice,” said Rebeschi. “Our wish is that you wear this pin with pride and fond memories of your education and time with us in the School of Nursing.”

Vice President of Nursing Professional Development and Practice Excellence for Hartford HealthCare Warly Remegio encouraged the new nurses to inspire, advocate, uplift and empower one another. He urged them to continue to ignite their passion for nursing, advance in their professional careers, and surround themselves with others with the desire to lead and effect change.

“We need nurse leaders like you, with formidable intelligence and talents, who will always strive and believe in the value of caring, excellence, safety, integrity and equity,” said Remegio.

School of Nursing Undergraduate Nursing Program Chair Teresa Twomey welcomed the new nurses into the fellowship of nursing and remarked on their impressive achievement.

“While it has ‘only’ been one year, it is amazing to see how you have all grown in your nursing knowledge, clinical application, and practice,” said Twomey. “As a faculty, we are so fortunate that we get to take this journey with you.”

Executive Director of Nursing Operations at Yale-New Haven Hospital Rebecca McCray emphasized the quality of the Quinnipiac School of Nursing program.

“In my eyes, you’ve been educated by some of the best in the profession,” said McCray. “Your program focused on holistic nursing care of your patients. You’ve been involved in multidisciplinary collaboration and teamwork. You understand how to use evidence-based nursing practice, and the value it holds for your patients, and everything you do. You are graduating as a practice-ready nurse.”

Mason Thornton, BSN ’23, helped her classmates look back over the highs, lows and many late nights and long hours shared as a cohort.

“These people sitting here have not only become my friends, but my family. To address them on a day that does not only signify all that we have accomplished; but could be argued as one of the most memorable days of our nursing career, is such an honor. We have taken a four-year degree – and not just any degree, but a nursing degree – and worked fervently to finish it in one,” said Thornton.

Director of Accelerated Nursing Program Tyler Traister said the BSN beside their name will soon be accompanied by an RN. He advised them to continue their career journey always knowing their work, themselves, and their principles, which should never be compromised.

“Right now, the nursing profession is facing a crisis, as many others are - a crisis of staffing, of being valued, and being respected,” said Traister.  “By knowing your value, knowing that you’re worthy of respect and being this person with your BSN and this RN, you’ll be able to lead this profession to new horizons and to new hopes.”


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