Triplets reunite to finish education together at Quinnipiac

February 14, 2023

Sebastian, Lucas, Jade and Ashley Vacco in front of the bobcat statue on the York Hill Campus

Sebastian, Lucas, Jade and Ashley Vacco have been close their whole lives, sharing many milestone moments – and now have the opportunity to continue growing together by completing their educational journey together after triplets Lucas, Jade and Ashley decided to transfer to Quinnipiac this Spring.

“I think transferring to Quinnipiac is a great opportunity for my siblings,” said Sebastian Vacco ’23, a civil engineering major in the School of Computing and Engineering. “Quinnipiac offers many opportunities to get involved and grow as a person. I’m confident that Quinnipiac can provide them with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in any career path.”

Lucas Vacco ’24 transferred to the psychology program in the College of Arts and Sciences from The College of New Jersey with aspirations to attend law school.

“Transferring to another university intimidated me at first, but Brittney Finoia, senior associate director of admissions, made the process easy,” said Lucas. “She offered my siblings and me an enormous amount of help and patiently answered any questions we had.”

Jade Vacco ’25, a health science studies major, transferred from Marist College because Quinnipiac offers a variety of tracks to prepare for a doctor of occupational therapy degree program, which is her ultimate goal. She said the academic support stood out to her as well.

“Something I was concerned about with transferring to another university was whether or not I would receive the same accommodations I’ve had,” said Jade. “The accommodations department eased my worries, and I was thrilled to find out that I was offered accommodations that I didn’t even know existed.”

The three siblings agreed that another factor that influenced their decision, besides their older brother attending, was the student life at Quinnipiac.

“I’m really excited to meet new people within the Bobcat Nation community and explore all kinds of activities and clubs on campus,” said Ashley Vacco ’25, a criminal justice major in the College Arts and Sciences who also transferred from Marist College.

Lucas agreed, adding, “As a student who loves to engage in the campus community, I was glad to see the diverse range of clubs and organizations at Quinnipiac.”

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