University unveils dedicated space for students with remote internships

January 31, 2023

Students analyze content on a laptop together.

The university has unveiled a co-working space for students doing remote or hybrid internships for credit.

The new professional office environment is purposefully designed for students throughout the university to work on their responsibilities for their respective jobs/internships.

"We're proud to have created a dedicated co-working space in Communications, Computing and Engineering for remote interns to simulate the professional world where we are all working in different ways including from home offices and designated co-working spaces," said Lila Carney, director of career development for the School of Communications. “Students learn to become agile and adaptable through working in different environments and it’s also an opportunity for some self-discovery to determine what types of environments they can be most productive in.”

Students interested in working in the dedicated pace must apply by Friday, February 3. Space is limited.

A designated schedule of when students may use the space may be set based on demand.

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