Alumna excels running her own pediatric practice

December 06, 2022

Liz Marcucio and her family

Elizabeth Marcucio ’06, MS ’10, started her career as a registered nurse but knew she wanted to do more. After obtaining her undergraduate degree from Quinnipiac, she decided that she wanted to further her education there when it was time for her master’s degree.

Now, the owner of her own practice, Pediatric Advanced Care of West Haven, Marcucio is able to attribute a part of her success to her education.

“Quinnipiac gave me a great foundation of knowledge at the advanced practice level,” said Marcucio. “I was able to feel confident in my skills and knowledge that I gained during my time at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.”

Marcucio continues to be inspired everyday through the work she does as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, which includes treating acute and chronic illnesses and performing well child examinations including immunizations.

“I am inspired each day by the children I see,” she said. “I have loved going through all the stages with families from the newborn period to venturing to college into adulthood.  It gives me such satisfaction to know that I have been able to help in the growth of these children.”

Marcucio’s own family has also helped her excel within her career and advises those looking to start a business or open their own practice to grow their support system.

“I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have the support of my husband, children, parents and extended family,” she said. “I also was able to have a knowledgeable office manager assist me in the beginning stages of opening the practice and help achieve such a successful daily operation.”

Marcucio also enjoys the experience of being a preceptor for Quinnipiac’s nursing program.

“It has been such a pleasure to watch students grow throughout my clinical experience with them.  I enjoy learning new things from them every time they come to clinical.  It is a very rewarding experience,” said Marcucio.

Marcucio places value on having a positive attitude and advises others to do the same throughout their careers, which can be difficult at times.

“I knew that there would be ups and downs as well as hard times, but I tried to always find a bright spot in every negative,” said Marcucio.

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