Bobcats for life: Quinnipiac toasts the Class of 2024

May 07, 2024

Students at the 2024 Class Toast cheers

Academic accomplishments and friendships that will last a lifetime were celebrated with a toast to the Quinnipiac Class of 2024 in the Alumni House Gardens on the Mount Carmel Campus.

On May 6, students earning degrees as members of the Class of 2024 shared a champagne toast with President Judy Olian, joined in a celebratory class photo and relaxed in the beautiful surroundings of the Alumni House in the spring sunshine.

Jack Pachico ’24, MBA ’25, said he and his friends have been making a point of spending as much time together as possible as their undergraduate experience comes to an end. Pachio said they already have plans to continue to get together in the future.

“We have a big group of 20 friends here and it’s just really hitting home that this is it,” said Pachico. “The friendships that we’ve made here will be one of the biggest takeaways.”

Paige Nusio ’23, MBA ’24, said knowing she’s completed her years at Quinnipiac is bittersweet.

“I’m leaving what I’ve called home for the past four years, so it’s definitely a wave of emotions,” said Nusio.

Gillian Benowitz ’24, JD ’27, said she was there to celebrate completing her political science undergraduate degree while also looking forward to the next three years in law school.

“It’s great to be able to get my undergraduate work done so quickly and to be here with a lot of my friends who are also in the 3+3 program. We’re looking back at so many great memories in the last three years, like living on campus, being with friends and having those Quinnipiac moments,” said Benowitz.

As graduates, the Class of 2024 will become part of a supportive network of 70,000 alumni in the Bobcat family.

Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs Nick Wormley ‘00, MBA ‘02, said seeing the students about to embark on the next chapter of their lives is a good moment to reflect on the transformation that’s taken place for many of them.

“I think these are always amazing days for universities across the country, where you start with an 18-year-old and you have the opportunity to educate them, allow them to find their passions and desires and now give them the tools to get out into the world and start to blossom. These moments mean a lot to everybody,” said Wormley.

Quinnipiac’s Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett said he will always feel a special connection to this group. Ellett joined Quinnipiac in August 2020 as the Class of 2024 arrived. Together, they shared experiences including the challenges of the pandemic.

“This class is special to me and certainly for the students who made it through a very difficult time together during COVID. There’s a connection,” said Ellett.

Olian said the growth and change experienced by the Class of 2024, combined with the resilience, ability to withstand challenges and deep connections they’ve developed, will help them to continue to succeed in life.

“You’re going to soar because of who you are, what you’ve learned and the connections that you have made here that will be here for life,” said Olian.

While they will be graduating soon, the Class of 2024 will always be “Bobcats for life,” instilled with Quinnipiac values and a commitment to giving back.

“We’re going to take such pride in the impact that you’ll have, not just professionally, but also how you live your life,” Olian said.

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