Alumnus named extraordinary educator by Curriculum Associates

January 17, 2024

Headshot of Jett Da'Jhon

Da’Jhon Jett, MAT ‘21, was celebrated for his passion and unwavering commitment to education.

After earning his master’s degree in teaching from Quinnipiac, Jett embarked on his journey to make his mark on the world of education.

Now as a sixth-grade teacher in the New Haven, Connecticut Public School District, Da’Jhon is committed to ensuring that the students and community of New Haven receive nothing but the best.

Jett holds the dual role of educating young minds while also serving as the vice president of elementary schools for the New Haven Federation of Teachers. Through these positions, Da’Jhon is responsible for providing math instruction, implementing math intervention schedules and several other tasks. In addition, he is actively involved in several district-level committees including the district retention committee, professional dvelopment and evaluation committee, and positive behavior intervention supports chairperson.

Through his work as a math teacher, Da’Jhon was introduced to Curriculum Associates as they provided his class with the curriculum resource, i-Ready.

Curriculum Associates is an education company that provides curriculum material and technology intending to create a positive impact on education and provide inclusive products that drive equitable outcomes for all students.

“Curriculum Associates has one goal, which is to make the classroom a better place for teachers,” said Jett. “They believe in empowering teachers with tools and resources so that they can meet the learning abilities of every student.”

Along with their services, Curriculum Associates has an annual tradition of recognizing both local and national educators who reflect their mission and goals through their Extraordinary Educators program.

Having earned a spot in this program, Da’Jhon reflects on how it felt to receive this recognition. 

“When I initially received the email, I thought it was news telling me that I did not qualify or that I was not selected for the award,” said Jett. “When I sat down to read the email, I was filled with excitement and instantly thought to myself, 'Wow people really do see the great things that I am doing in my classroom.'”  

The Extraordinary Educators program focuses its awards on the growth of formal assessments as well as learning environments.

“In my last year of formal assessments, I saw almost 96% growth from my students,” he said. “I also attribute this recognition to the environment that I have fostered in my classroom as my students are effectively engaged in a high order of thinking and math discourse."

Amid his success, Jett reflects upon his educational experience and the impact that Quinnipiac had on his career.

“The MAT program prepared me to provide a safe and welcoming environment for my students,” said Jett.

For Quinnipiac students looking to start a career in education, Jett offers some advice:

“Show up each day with the game plan that you are there for your students, their families and the community,” he said. “Keep relationships at the forefront, acknowledge the differences and understand the challenges that your students are facing so that you can put your best foot forward for them.”

As he continues in his career, Jett plans to continue to teach with the New Haven Public Schools while also pursuing his educational administration and supervision degree.

“I am deeply invested in the students, families and New Haven community,” said Jett. “I look forward to continuing to learn and grow for them.”

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