Trading success: Quinnipiac business management alumna makes waves at NYSE

February 01, 2024

Tina Hoang smiles at the New York Stock Exchange.

Tina Hoang '06 ignited an interest in business management and marketing growing up from her family. Her enthusiasm for the field flourished into an incredible academic career and professional success.

During her childhood, Hoang’s parents owned independent gas stations and restaurants, providing her with firsthand exposure to various aspects of business from a young age. Spending time at these establishments allowed her to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business.

“This early exposure instilled in me a profound understanding of the challenges and rewards associated with the business field, solidifying my commitment to pursuing a career in business management and marketing,” said Hoang.

The alumna’s decision to attend Quinnipiac was influenced by a chance meeting with the late Women’s Tennis Head Coach Mike Quitko during a tournament in Florida. After speaking with Quitko, they agreed for Hoang to travel northeast and attend Quinnipiac.

As soon as she arrived and became a Bobcat, Hoang fell in love with the university, the tennis team and everyone on campus, she said. As a Texas native, she longed for a college that would offer an intimate educational experience. The tennis program was a bonus, as Hoang’s athletic passion held great importance to her as well.

“I had several professors and classes I truly enjoyed, their attention to detail and realistic approach, equipped me with skill sets that I realized were not commonly taught at other institutions,” said Hoang. “These seemingly minor aspects proved instrumental in my post-graduation career, offering a competitive edge in various professional settings.”

After graduating, she explored different roles in multiple industries before working as a market analyst at Thomson Reuters. Her boss, Steve Mitchell, served as a supportive mentor who taught her extensive knowledge of weather data and applications in commodity trading, Hoang said. This experience became a cornerstone for her other roles in the oil, gas and energy trading sectors. This career journey led Hoang to her current position at the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) as a product specialist.

As an employee of the ICE, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), she recently had the unique opportunity to participate in the NYSE closing bell ceremony. Top performers within the global company were invited to the annual event, which involved around 200 of her colleagues.

“Being selected for this prestigious occasion was a great honor and experiencing the closing bell ceremony firsthand was a memorable and rewarding professional highlight,” said Hoang.

As the former Bobcat looks ahead in her career, she is constantly finding new opportunities and challenges within the industry, as well as seeking continuous professional development and growth to continue contributing to her role at ICE.

“My time as a Bobcat was foundational to my professional journey,” said Hoang. “The well-rounded education, supportive community and emphasis on practical skills have significantly contributed to my success. I am grateful for the experiences and connections forged during my time at Quinnipiac, shaping me into the professional I am today.”

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