Book written about care of LGBTQ+ patients by nursing professor recognized by the American Journal of Nursing

January 09, 2023

Tyler Traister

A book about caring for LGBTQ+ patients written by Tyler Traister, assistant professor of nursing at Quinnipiac, has been recognized by the American Journal of Nursing as one of its books of the year.

“I am beyond humbled and thankful to the American Journal of Nursing for recognizing my book with this award,” Traister said. “Most professional nursing programs do not have enough time to provide the depth of content necessary to address LGBTQ+ patients' needs. My goal in writing this book was to help close this gap by motivating and influencing nurses to learn more about the population. This text will build readers' confidence and knowledge to exemplify care excellence to all patients.”

In naming Traister’s book one of its most valuable texts of 2022, the judges said Fast Facts “might suggest a surface take on a subject, but Tyler Traister’s orientation to respectful, culturally competent care of LGBTQ+ patients is anything but abbreviated. Inclusive of foundational aspects of care, the context of health and health disparities in the LGBTQ+ population, and implications for nursing care, this is a thoughtful, comprehensive primer on care excellence. Resources for professionals and healthcare organizations are also included. Traister promotes self-learning, challenging assumptions and confronting biases as central tenets of cultural humility and respectful care. The strategies he outlines for creating inclusive environments are reminders of the ethical practice of meeting all patients with sensitivity, openness and respect. This book is a treatise on how to ensure inclusive environments in healthcare.”

“Tyler’s work is of critical importance to our healthcare system,” said Lisa O’Connor, dean of QU’s School of Nursing. “This recognition by the American Journal of Nursing will call out the need for all of nursing to learn more about how to care for this population. Having his expertise and enthusiasm in teaching our nursing students and colleagues how to better care for LGBTQ+ patients is an asset to our school, the profession and healthcare overall.”

Additionally, Traister’s “Fast Facts about LGBTQ+ Care for Nurses: How to Deliver Culturally Competent and Inclusive Care” won third place in the journal’s Professional Issues category.

Traister’s scholarly emphasis and practice focus on improving the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ people. He holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Carlow University, and his doctoral work on LGBTQ health and nursing has been both published and presented at numerous regional and national conferences.

Traister's clinical background includes medical-surgical, oncology, nursing leadership and nursing education. He holds five national nursing certifications in the following specialties: medical-surgical nursing, nurse executive, oncology, nurse educator, advanced transcultural nursing and nursing professional development.

Traister earned a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing from Chatham College.

“The School of Nursing commends Prof. Traister’s commitment to inclusive nursing care excellence,” said Lisa Rebeschi, associate dean of the School of Nursing. “His dedication to quality patient care and minimizing healthcare disparities is well-recognized by his peers, students and the nursing education community at large.”

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