Quinnipiac EMS and School of Nursing offers life-saving courses

March 04, 2023

Headshot of the Quinnipiac EMS organization

The Quinnipiac EMS and School of Nursing Community Engagement Program teamed up to have American Heart Association (AHA) Training courses on campus.

The AHA Training site agreement was signed by Quinnipiac in December 2022. The courses include Stop the Bleed, which teaches students how to stop bleeding in emergency situations, and CPR skills. The classes are offered twice each month on weekends in the Recreation and Wellness Center.

“The plan is to continuously offer courses for years to come,” said EMS Director of Operations Alex Bayer ‘25. “Quinnipiac EMS and the School of Nursing Community Engagement Program are committed to keep this program alive and affirm our belief in the ideals of inclusive excellence as a way to continue nurturing Quinnipiac as a university full of people who care deeply about each other and the communities around us.”

Any student can register for a class or request a class for their organization on the QU EMS website.

“We are excited to be able to bring these life-saving skills to our Quinnipiac community and ensuring our students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to learn a skill that might just save a life,” Bayer said.  

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