Quinnipiac partners with WWAX, WFSB to rebroadcast athletics games, offer internships

WWAX-TV, Connecticut’s newest television station, and Quinnipiac have announced a strategic partnership. WWAX is WFSB-TV’s sister station.

“WWAX is very proud to be partnering with Quinnipiac University,” said WFSB-TV and WWAX-TV regional vice president and general manager Dana Neves. “We are building a television station to highlight Connecticut’s universities, athletes and students. Quinnipiac athletics and academics are integral to that plan and our programming.”

WWAX will initially rebroadcast fall sports, including soccer and volleyball. The partnership will then include spring sports as well.

However, the partnership will extend beyond athletics.

It will also create valuable opportunities for Quinnipiac students with internships. It will give both stations access to the future journalists and content creators.

“We have had a great partnership with WFSB for many years, with many School of Communications alumni on Channel 3’s airwaves and behind the scenes in the control room and newsroom,” said Terry Bloom, interim dean of the School of Communications at Quinnipiac. “This expansion with WWAX opens up many more possibilities for our students and student-athletes to showcase their talents and maximize their experiential learning opportunities right here in Connecticut.”

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