RA: Come in with an open mind, be prepared for the exciting opportunities that await you

By Nicholas Pestritto '26 May 03, 2024

Nick Pestritto

During my time here at Quinnipiac I have had the honor of holding many leadership positions on campus that have shaped me into the person I am today.

In just my first year, I was elected to serve as an associate justice on the Student Government Association’s judicial and ethics board; I began writing for The Quinnipiac Chronicle and obtained an on campus job as a program assistant with the Department of Lifelong Learning.

Going into my second year I was elected to be the chief justice of SGA’s judicial and ethics board, I continued to write for The Chronicle and also started taking photos for The Chronicle and the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network and began my position in the Department of Residential Life as a Resident Assistant.

Next semester, I will be continuing my various extracurriculars, continuing in the RA position and will also be joining the Office of Marketing and Communications as an assistant photographer.

I am grateful for all of the positions that I have held and the ones that I will be continuing. Getting involved with different organizations on campus was one of the best decisions that I could have made when coming to Quinnipiac.

In my role as an RA, I have met some of my closest friends that I am confident will be my friends well after I leave Quinnipiac. 

My biggest piece of advice to all of you, the class of 2028: Get involved and do not let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your goals.

Push yourself to be the best version you can be and expand upon the limits of your comfort zone. It may be the most basic piece of advice, but I cannot stress the how important it is to get involved in something at Quinnipiac. If I had not gotten involved, I would have never met the people who I now consider to be my friends and I would be lacking critical professional skills.

There is something for everyone at Quinnipiac and this is the place where you will meet your best friends and make memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life. It sounds cliché, but I could not give more credit to Quinnipiac for providing me leadership experiences that I will forever cherish, giving me some of my closest friends and allowing me to grow as a student and as a young professional eager to explore the future.

Class of 2028, come in with an open mind and be prepared for the plethora of exciting opportunities that await you.

I push you to never be discouraged from taking on a new opportunity and to connect with new people as those people may one day become your best friends or even your co-workers.

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